Mental Health at Work

On October 10th 2021, World Mental Health Day, my first book comes out; "Mental Health at Work' published by Penguin. 

It's a book of stories, learning and guidance on how to talk comfortably about mental health at work, create an open and inclusive community in your workplace and implement unique changes that are authentic to you and your business.
It's everything I've learned in 5 years as a leader in the mental health at work evolution. 
I'm so excited to share this with everyone and have lots planned for the launch of the book. I'll be doing events across the UK, talks, book signings and sharing lots of unseen and exclusive content around the book. I'll also be giving away lots of other opportunities around the book including various meetups and other limited edition content. 

To be the first to access all of this, I've created a separate email list specifically for updates on my book. On this list you'll get early access to everything and receive offers that nobody else will see. On this list you will have the first option to pre-order and receive a signed copy, plus other special add-ons. 

To get early access to pre-orders, events and more you can sign up below. 

James x

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