I didn't want to do this talk (Rewards and Benefits 2020)

"Being Yourself at Work" - Rewards and Benefits Summit 2020

I genuinely didn't want to do this talk. It got rearranged three times and every time I was relieved, because I knew I wanted to be honest and talk about what it's like to be yourself at work or, what it's like when you can't be. 

At the time, I couldn't be so every time it got cancelled, I was gratefu because it meant I didn't have to be honest about how I was feeling. 

In the end, the talk got booked in just when I felt able to be more open about how I was feeling, messy, scared, sad and how I believe bringing all of that to the workplace is so important. 

Truthfully I felt like a bit of a mess giving this talk and I believe that's a really good thing. 

Had the pleasure of doing this at the Rewards and Benefits Summit 2020