Contact me

Here all the best ways we can stay connected and how you can connect with Sanctus too. 

I've worked hard on my boundaries the last few years and have got more comfortable not responding to people if the request is either irrelevant, completely vague or comes across as entitled to some of my time. Saying "No" is hard and something I'm still getting used to, but it's important for all of us. 

I am open to connect, that's why I'm here, yet I can't connect with absolutely everyone on absolutely everything. Please be aware too that whilst I write openly about mental health I only share my own story and lived experience, I am not a trained practitioner, counsellor, therapist or coach.


I write a weekly Newsletter. I write with honesty and vulnerability which people find refreshing. It's a personal and intimate way of being connected and I'd love for you to subscribe. I write about a wide range of topics from burnout to money, startups to getting married. I write about life in all it's different shades. My aim is to write about the stuff you are thinking about, you just haven't said it yet. I want you to resonate. I have 8,000 subscribers and 2,000-3,000 readers every week. 

Social Media

I'm most active and available on LinkedIn, I'd love to connect with you on there and I try to maintain relationships on LinkedIn where possible. I also post regular musings, photos, videos and updates on what I'm working on with Sanctus. 

I don't use other Social Media. I deleted Facebook and Instagram and I only use Twitter to browse. 


My e-mail address is

Please reach out for press requests, writing opportunities and public speaking inquiries. 

If you have a serendipitous ask, vague request to connect or partnership idea for Sanctus then I'm unlikely to respond. However, I do always love to hear from people, especially if my work in mental health resonates, I just can't guarantee I'll respond. 

Please don't use this email to try and sell me anything, or do try (because I respect and know the hustle) and I won't feel obliged to reply if i'm not interested.


If you'd like to know more about Sanctus and are interested as a potential Partner, Coach, Team Member, Investor then drop me an e-mail and I'll connect you to the right person internally. We do get a lot of requests so I can't always get back to everyone but I do try my best.

Alternatively check out the Sanctus website, Sanctus LinkedIn page and Sanctus Instagram. You may find what you are looking for there.