The main thing I do is Sanctus. 

I founded the business in 2016 alongside my co-founder George Bettany.

Our mission is to inspire people to work on their mental health like we do our physical health and our vision is to put the world's first mental health gym's on the high street. 

We want to create an enduring brand that leads the wave in transforming our approach to mental health as a society. When we look back in 50 years we won't believe that we never used to talk about mental health, we won't believe that people didn't do anything to look after their mental health and Sanctus will be one of the many businesses that defines this new way of being and establishes a dynamic and fulfilling new part of our lives too.

Sanctus is more than a business, it's a Mission, it's a Movement and it's values are a new way of being in this world. Honest, Brave, Open-hearted - where vulnerability and being yourself is valued more highly than "faking it until you make it"

Our first way of reaching people is by partnering with aligned businesses and providing Sanctus Coaching to their employees. Sanctus Coaching is a safe space to work on your mental health with a Sanctus Coach, the space is like the Gym and the Sanctus Coach, the Personal Trainer providing 1:1 45 minute coaching session for individuals. Alongside this core product we also support businesses through their mental health journey as their partner, providing workshops, trainings, talks and consultancy where needed. Like the individuals who enter our Coaching space - we meet you where you are - we do the same with every business we meet too.

We have a thriving mental health advocates community for fellow mental health champions, campaigner and advocates who want to do more to contribute to the mental health movement in the workplace in particular. Our mental health advocates community gets regular mental health resources and a supportive community to empower you on your journey. 

We also have a Journal that is serving as a brilliant entry point for anyone anywhere to get started on their mental health journey through journalling. It's an online Journal with new coaching prompts every day and a likeminded community of fellow journalers sharing their experience. 

Where to find us:

Our Website is the best place to find out more about what we do.

Our Instagram & LinkedIn are the best places to follow us on Social Media with updates about the team, hiring, stories and insights about mental health

Our YouTube has loads of Videos and Vlogs that we've created over the years. 

Our Podcast has loads of brilliant stories from amazing people

We're a movement and our voice gets louder with every new follower, supporter and advocate. I'd love for you to support and join our journey in whatever way you can.