Who am I?

Now, that is the question. 

I'm an Entrepreneur. I am the Founder of Sanctus. A mission-led company that I founded in 2016 after struggling with my mental health in the wake of shutting down my first business.

I'm a Writer. I'm a published Author with Penguin with my first book; "Mental Health at Work" and I write a weekly Newsletter to 8,000 readers.

I'm a Public Speaker. I show up and speak openly from the heart, which I find incredibly rewarding, fulfilling and deeply connecting. I've shared my story at The Do Lectures, Facebook, Monzo, Virgin and other events and workplaces.

I'm a loving husband to my wonderful wife, Sarah. Son to two brilliant parents, loyal friend and I hope, a kind-hearted human on this planet.

I'm a wanderer from Stoke, learning to row and a dabbler in poetry too, as you can see below.

I hope you might find what you're looking for here and I would love to connect with you. If you'd like to contact me or have an opportunity that could be interesting head over to this page and let's have a conversation.

James x


Who am I?

Writer, founder, husband, always tanned.
Wannabe poet, imposter, taboo buster.
Thinker, philosopher, not  a drinker
Joker, chancer, bad dancer.
shoulder chipped Stokie
champagne hippie
Asks questions,
the big ones
best ones.